A Teacher’s Love- Lingzi Foundation Benefit Concert.  The concert debuted on Tuesday, October 5, 2021 at 7:30 pm ET and will be available to view until November 1, 2021. It was an evening to remember a beautiful life, embrace hope, and find inspiration. The concert was recorded at the Boston University Tsai Performance Center

The concert was planned by Han Nah Son, a BU alumni (CFA’15 Doctor of Musical Arts in Piano Performance) and pianist who taught Lingzi piano during her last semester at the Boston University, College of Fine Arts.  Han Nah Son performed piano at the Memorial Service for Lu Lingzi at the GSU Metcalf Ballroom on April 22, 2013.

After the death of Lingzi, many beneficial organizations have been established to contribute to her memory such as Lingzi Foundation, Running for Boston Marathon “Team Lingzi”, Lingzi Dream Dash 5K, as well as the Lingzi Scholarship at Boston University.
In summer 2021, Han Nah received an email from Lingzi’s younger cousin, Shevanna Yee. Shevanna was 12 years old at the time of the tragedy and is now a rising senior at Boston College. In Shevnanna’s email, she shared that she will be running the Boston Marathon on October 11, 2021 to fundraise for the Lingzi Foundation. Han Nah wanted to help Shevanna gather donations from as many supporters as possible. Han Nah came up with the idea of hosting a Benefit Concert to raise awareness of Shevanna’s run with wider audiences. The concert will present piano solo and chamber music in collaboration with violinist Egle Jarkova and cellist Cherry Kim.

Han Nah remembers Lingzi bringing the score of Chopin Waltz in A-minor Post. 150 and requesting to study it during the semester and for her final exam. She had been diligently practicing it, but it was never accomplished. The score will be performed as part of the concert to recognize Lingzi’s years of study at BU which were tragically cut short.

The memory of Lingzi is a bright light for her family and friends regardless of how many years pass by. Han Nah is honored and proud to arrange this concert as a tribute to Lingzi and to fundraise for the Lingzi Foundation.

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