Conference Committee Members

2022 Conference Committee Members

Conference Program Committee

Kyung-Shick Choi, Boston University Professor of Practice, Director, Cybercrime and Cybersecurity, USA/MA
Lou Chitkushev, MET Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, Associate Professor, MET Computer Sciences and Center for Reliable Information Systems and Cybersecurity, USA/MA

CI Competition Directors

Dr. Kyungseok Choo, Professor, Criminal Justice, Utica College, USA/NY
Ismael Morales, Assistant Professor, Cybersecurity, Utica College, USA/NY

Mock Trial Judges

Dr. Austen Givens, Associate Professor, Cybersecurity, Utica University, USA/NY
Dr. Chawki Mohamed, Chairman of the International Association of Cybercrime Prevention (AILCC), Paris, France
Gergely Dzsinich, Adjunct Professor, Emlyon Business School, Lyon, France

Mock Trial Moderator

Dr. Jennifer LaPrade, Assistant Professor and Mock Trial Coach, Criminology & Criminal Justice, Missouri State University, USA/MO


Dr. Sinchul Back, Vice Chair of ASC Cybercrime Division, Director, Cybercrime & Homeland Security, University of Scranton, USA/PA
Dr. Catherine Marcum, Chair of ASC Cybercrime Division, Government and Justice Studies, Appalachian State University, USA/NC
Dr. Hannarae Lee, Chair of Cybercriminology and Cybersecurity Graduate Certificate program and Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice, Bridgewater State University, USA/MA

Student Paper Competition Judges

Dr. Thomas Dearden, Assistant Professor, Sociology, Virginia Tech, USA/VA
Dr. Katalin Parti, Assistant Professor, Sociology, Virginia Tech, USA/VA
Dr. Sinyong Choi, Assistant Professor, Criminal Justice, Kennesaw state university, USA/GA

WH CI Representatives

Petra Gunder, National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges, Germany
Dr. Claire Lee, Assistant Professor, School of Criminology & Justice Studies, UMass Lowell, USA/MA
Ms. Carlos Arturo Castillo Medina, Universidad del Bosque, Colombia
Mr. Ilia Kolochenko, CEO & Chief Architect, Founder, ImmuniWeb, Switzerland
Salvador Samper Alenda, President, International Observatory of Computer Crime (INTOCC), Spain
Oscar Alarcón, Director Observatorio de Cibercrimen y Ciberseguridad Bolivia (OC2Bolivia), Bolivia
Walter Huamán Coronel, CEO, Observatorio Peruano de Cibercrimen y Ciberseguridad, Peru
Mr. Carlos Cortés, CEO, Tanque de Ciberpensamiento y Auditoría Forense (TCP-IP), Colombia
Olga Renteria, Cybersecurity Expert 2uC0N1, Nigeria
Dr. EuiGab Hwang, Professor, Criminology, Kyonggi University, South Korea
Dr. Wook Kang, Associate Professor, Public Administration, Korean Police National University, South Korea
Dr. Ki-bum Kim, Associate Professor, Forensic Science, Sungkyunkwan University, South Korea
Leidy Johana Saldaña, Cybersecurity Expert Root4EveryoneColombia
Luciano Monchiero, Professor, Universidad Siglo XXI, Argentina
Alessadro Barreto, Coordinator of Ciberlab – Brazilian Ministry of Justice and Security, Brazil
Dr. Béla Simon, Assistant Lecturer, NEMZETI KÖZSZOLGÁLATI EGYETEM, Hungary
Ms. Vouchmeng Taing, Officer, International Relations and Development, Ministry of Justice of the Kingdom of Cambodia, Cambodia
Dr. Reinaldo N. Mayol-Arnao, Universidad de Medellín, Colombia
Irena Vodenska, Professor, Boston University, USA
Mariam Salukvadze, Inspector, Department Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia, Georgia
Yuting Zhang, Assistant Professor, Boston University, USA
Shengzhi Zhang, Assistant Professor, Boston University, USA


Mr. Chris Kayser, CEO, Cybercrime, Cybercrime Analytics Inc, Canada