White Hat Conference Cybercrime Investigation Competition

The 2023 competition was held both virtually and in-person. For this competition, teams made up of college students and practitioners engaged in cybercrime investigation-focused activities centered on digital forensics. The goal of the competition is to develop effective cybercrime investigation training, test the best practices reflecting the needs of all levels of law enforcement, and establish training guidelines in computer forensics and digital evidence.

The White Hat Cybercrime Investigation Competition served as a pathway to evaluating and promoting common goals, needs, and interests associated with technical skills and legal expertise that lead to comprehensive high-level cybercrime investigation educational learning and skill development. BU created an evidence-based digital case scenario framework that provided competitors with realistic scenarios that reflect major cybercrime cases.

Congratulations to all the winners!

1st Place
Team Hungary: Fifty Shades of Grey hat

Krisztián Patrik Ari,
Rebeka Tóth
Márió Mile

2nd Place
Team Korea: Detective Conan (BOB)

Heejin Koo
Dong-Hyun Kim
Eung-Chang Lee

3rd Place
Team Brazil

Kelsson Alexandrino Schineider
Roberto Buery Silva
Gabriel Velsasco