Marlon Mike Toro-Alvarez

Former Member, Colombian National Police; Doctoral Student of Criminology and Criminal Justice, Southern Illinois University Carbondale

Marlon Mike Toro-Alvarez works at Colombian National Police as a cybercriminology expert. He is an advisor and researcher at the Center for Cybersecurity and Cybersecurity Research (Center for CIC), co-founder of the research network in cybercrime and digital security (RedCiber). Currently, Mike advises the first regulatory framework in cyber security of the Andean Parliament. He is a member of the Internet Association of Researchers (AoIR); the Chaos Computer Club (CCC), and accredited cybercriminologist of the Society of Interdisciplinary Scientific Criminology (GiwK). His academic contributions have focused on the prevention of crime through the use of technology, controlled cyber environments and the dissemination of knowledge for technological literacy.