Poster Session

Presenters at the Poster Session
March 11, 2021
3-5pm ET

Robert Belle, Southern Regional Education Board (SREB) Doctoral Scholars Program. Alliance: SREB.
Gaining Ground: Empirical Evidence of the Impacts of the Institute on Teaching and Mentoring. Poster

Andrew Byrne, CSU AGEP Alliance for Diversity and Strengths of STEM Faculty.
Alliance-Building through Parallel Process. Poster

Sarah Cooksey, University of Colorado, Colorado Springs.
Transformational versus Transactional Advisors: A Case Study of Engineering Postdoctoral Scholars. Poster || Video Preview

Jonnelle Edwards, NOA-AGEP.
Formyl Peptide Receptor-1 Activation is Crucial for the Spontaneous and Salt-Induced Hypertension in Dahl Salt Sensitive Rats: Mitochondria vs. Microbiota. Poster

Martha Escobar, Oakland University.
Lessons learned in the first year of implementation of the Pathways for Advancement and Tenure at HBUs (PATHs) AGEP program. Poster || Video Preview

Charity Farber, BTAA PAI.
Postdoc Advancement Initiative – Tools for Success. Poster

Asha Ganesan.
Confrontation as an Interpersonal Response to Ostracism. Poster

Norma Garza, The University of Texas at Arlington.
Challenges of URM graduate students in comparison with non-URM graduate students. 

Ruth Hall, University of Montana, Nueta Hidatsa Sahnish College. Alliance: Willow.
An investigation of Native STEM Faculty’s Experiences on Professional Advancement: Identifying Supports, Opportunities, and Challenges. Poster

Dawn Horton, The Hispanic Alliance for the Professoriate in Environmental Sciences and Engineering (H-AGEP).
Factors that supported Hispanic STEM doctoral students on their path to a doctorate in STEMPoster

Megan Kowalske, AGEP: BPR.
Mental health challenges and experiences for Black and Latinx students in STEM and SBE doctoral programs. Poster || Video Preview

Suyi Leong, University of California, Santa Barbara.
STEM PhD Students’ Career Preference & Sense of Belonging: Demographic Similarities and Differences. Poster || Video Preview

Clovis Linkous, Northern Ohio AGEP Alliance.
QUEST 2018 – Wearing Mentoring and Mentee Shoes at the Same Time. Poster || Video Preview

Lisa Merriweather, North Carolina Alliance.
Beyond Science: Students Perceptions of STEM Doctoral Mentoring. Poster

Ingrid Mood and Felicia Ross, CIRTL AGEP.
Peer Mentoring Initiative at Howard University: The Role of Race and Ethnicity. Poster

Carlos Nash, University of California, Santa Barbara. Alliance: California HSI.
The AGEP California Hispanic Serving Institutions (HSI) Alliance: Toward Sustainability and Scalability. Poster || Video Preview

Chelsea Noble, AGEP CIRTL.
The Networked Improvement Community: Addressing Issues of Equity, Inclusion and Diversity within Higher Education. Poster || Video Preview

Lauren Ortosky, University of California, Santa Barbara. Alliance: California HSI.
Transitioning to the Professorate Requires Advisor – Advisee Coordination: A Study of Career Preferences among STEM Faculty for their PhD Advisees. Poster || Video Preview

Arouca Raquel, PNW-COSMOS.
Report from the Technical Sessions at the 2019 AGEP Research Forum. Poster || Description

Ivonne Santiago, H-AGEP.
H-AGEP Teaching Training Program to Prepare of Hispanic STEM Doctoral Students for Community College Faculty Positions. Poster || Video Preview

Goutam Sarker, The University of Texas at Arlington.
Identifying the problem is half of the solution: Identifying underperforming URM groups using Learning Analytics. Poster

Keith Schimmel, North Carolina A&T State University. Alliance: North Carolina.
AGEP-NC: A Change Model for Doctoral to Faculty Diversity in STEM. Poster || Video Preview

Matthew R. Smith, Northern Ohio AGEP Alliance. Alliance: NOA.
Academic Coaching: Individual and Institutional Change Within the NOA-AGEP Model. Poster || Video Preview

Toni Sperzel, Stony Brook University Alliance.
Leadership Transitions in a multi-institution AGEP Alliance: Legacies, Challenges, and Opportunities. Poster

Que Tran, Montana State University. Alliance: PNW-COSMOS.
Academic Confidence Mediates Informal Socialization and Professional Identity of STEM Doctoral Students in the United States. Poster

Angelicque Tucker-Blackmon, The AGEP Historically Black Universities. Alliance: A Model to Advance Early Career Minority Faculty in the STEM Professoriate.
Ethnography in Evaluation: Documenting program culture and institutional change at HBCUs. Poster

Miguel Velez-Reyes, H-AGEP.
Lessons Learned from Implementing H-AGEP Model to Improve Preparation and Transition of Hispanic STEM Doctoral Students into Community College Faculty Positions. Poster || Video Preview

Allyson Watson, Florida AGEP Alliance.
Planning, Preparation, and Pivoting in a Pandemic: Lessons Learned from Year One. Poster || Video Preview

Damani White-Lewis, University of Maryland, College Park.
Faculty Hiring Studies: Understanding the Role of Rubrics, Risk, Merit & Diversity. Poster